bookcover-to-show-on-website-2WATCHING. WAITING. WARNING.

Yeshua commanded, “Watch & Pray”

He knew obedience to that command meant an open door to an effective principle, which when operative, keeps believers alert, ready and able to stand!

Yet today, many believers find they don’t understand this command and thus, to them, it’s principles & rewards lay hidden!

Yeshua’s command must be obeyed; its principles unveiled, picked up & utilized.

Investigate and learn the principles of Yeshua’s command with the Bible Study, entitled, “Watching. Waiting. Warning”.  You will find it:

  • a practical study, which clearly reveals many principles of watching and praying.
  • a scripturally sound study, which rests on biblical truth to help believers learn to “watch and pray” for their own life, for others and for nations, too.
  • a hands on study, which presents an entire book of prayers, formed around the Word of God and written just for a watchman.

Learn How to Obey Yeshua’s Command to “Watch & Pray”

This Bible Study includes a Textbook, Workbook and Prayer Book!

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Available January 2017

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