8.5 x 11 Coil Book CoverReleasing the Impossible.  (Second Edition)

There is a place near the heart of God, where every believer is invited to come.  That special place echoes with His Holiness, reveals the warmth of His Presence, the Tenderness of His Embrace, and the Radiance of His Love.  This is the place of His Glory, in the cleft of the rock, covered with His Hand.  It is from that place the believer learns to know their God and listen to hear His heartbeat, and it is from that place where intercession originates.

If you believe intercession is something you wish to learn, the Holy Spirit will teach you. He will use the Bible as His foundation for those teachings, and He also has given other tools for the believer as well, tools such as the shared experiences of intercessors.

With the thought of sharing intercession, for the purposes of training, Rev. Jeanne wrote a book entitled, Releasing the Impossible.  Within the pages of the textbook, dramatic records of real-life intercessions moves the heart of the reader.  It descriptively outlines the circumstances necessitating the intercession as well as the main biblical principles involved.  It is truly an amazing book.  It aligns every intercessory activity of the author with scripture. Former students acclaim as a powerful tool that transformed their life.

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