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Did you know that you were created for the miraculous? 

As a spiritual being, God molded “you” for greatness!  You might not understand that greatness … yet …  nevertheless, it is there, lying dormant, ready and waiting to come to life.

One key to bring that greatness forward is to embrace the reason why God created you. 

Once you know why God created you, you can understand and embrace that purpose.  Thus, you are positioned to move ahead to follow a road that leads to your destiny’s fulfillment.  That journey can change your life!  It can also change the lives of those you love, and depending upon your commitment to your destiny, its fulfillment can even change the world!  All these possibilities await you by simply knowing, accepting and acting upon the purpose for which God created you!

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8.5 x 11 Coil Book CoverReleasing the Impossible.  (Second Edition)

Learn about the Limitless Power of Intercession

There is a place near the heart of God, where every believer is invited to come.  That special place echoes with His Holiness, reveals the warmth of His Presence, the Tenderness of His Embrace, and the Radiance of His Love.  This is the place of His Glory, in the cleft of the rock, covered with His Hand.  It is from that place the believer learns to know their God and listen to hear His heartbeat, and it is from that place where intercession originates.

If you believe intercession is something you wish to learn, the Holy Spirit will teach you.

The Beloved Holy Spirit will use the Bible as His foundation for those teachings, and He also has given other tools for the believer as well, tools such as the shared experiences of intercessors.   With the thought of sharing intercession, for the purposes of training, Rev. Jeanne wrote a book entitled, Releasing the Impossible.  Within the pages of the textbook, dramatic records of real-life intercessions moves the heart of the reader.  It descriptively outlines the circumstances necessitating the intercession as well as the main biblical principles involved.  It is truly an amazing book.  It aligns every intercessory activity of the author with scripture. Former students acclaim this as a powerful tool that transformed their life.

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front cover of Thy Kingdom ComeThy Kingdom Come

Learn how to enter God’s Rest in Prayer

Yeshua prayed confidently and effectively and thus, He received all He asked of His Father.  He did so because He knew Who He Was in His Father and rested in that place.  Once believers learn to know who they are in Messiah, and they enter their rest, they can pray and receive results like Yeshua.

“Thy Kingdom Come” looks at the believer’s approach to God, which fosters a good relationship with our Heavenly Father.  It outlines the believer’s inheritance in Messiah, which in turn, builds an awareness of who we are in Messiah.  That knowledge helps us to recognize the rest God provided for us and how to enter that rest.   In short, “Thy Kingdom Come” positions each student to know their God better, enter God’s rest in prayer and then see God’s hand move.  This course is a powerful tool to help every believer realize the great potential relationship and power awaiting for them in prayer!

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Watching. Waiting. Warning.bookcover

Learn to obey Yeshua’s command to “Watch and Pray”.

Yeshua commanded, “Watch & Pray.  He knew obedience to that command meant an open door to an effective principle, which when operative, keeps believers alert, ready and able to stand!  Yet today, many believers find they don’t understand this command and thus, to them, it’s principles & rewards lay hidden!  Yeshua’s command must be obeyed; its principles unveiled, picked up & utilized.  Investigate and learn the principles of Yeshua’s command with the Bible Study, entitled, “Watching. Waiting. Warning”.  You will find it:

  • a practical study, which clearly reveals many principles of watching and praying.
  • a scripturally sound study, which rests on biblical truth to help believers learn to “watch and pray” for their own life, for others and for nations, too.
  • a hands on study, which presents an entire book of prayers, formed around the Word of God and written just for a watchman.

Learn How to Obey Yeshua’s Command to “Watch & Pray”

This Bible Study is a 3 Book combo which includes a Textbook, Workbook and Prayer Book!

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1 Set (Textbook, Workbook) $55.00 per set

Bonus: free Prayer Book

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Yeshua said to His Disciples:

“Truly, I say to you, if you have faith, and doubt not, you shall say to this mountain, be removed & get into the sea, and it shall be done.  All things, whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” Matthew 21:21-22

Prayers, operating in faith as Yeshua instructed, arise when believers form their prayers on scripture and the principles therein.  Prayers like that, as Yeshua promised, move mountains.

“An Arsenal of Powerful Prayers”, formed in the midst of fiery trials, makes an excellent resource for any believer who needs a mountain removed.  Each prayer is already proven though use, and because of their scriptural content, position believers to receive from God, as well as get to know Him better.  When that happens, it is, as the Word of God says, “those who know their God will be strong and do exploits!” Daniel 11:32 b

There is no better way to know God, than to know the scriptures and no better way than to receive from Him, than to pray His Word.  So, if you have any mountains in your life, ones that you want removed, or if you simply wish to strengthen your faith, consider adding this invaluable collection of scriptural prayers to you spiritual resources.  We believe you’ll find it, as it is named, “An Arsenal of Powerful Prayers”.

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Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in the book. Daily 4 Point Confession

Please note: You are free to print one copy for personal use.  For group use, you may print out 15 copies.  For permission to print more, please contact FMM.

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