Forward March MinistriesIn speaking to His Disciples, Yeshua said:

“Lift up your eyes and look on the fields for they are white already to harvest”.  John 4:35

God’s harvest fields are many and when FMM’s pastoral leadership returned from a particular intercession trip, God asked F.M.M. to believe Him for 8 million souls. This harvest of souls comes through many avenues, not just FMM, but the point here is, FMM and its adherents expect the Lord to reap those 8 million souls,  for nothing is too hard for God!



Now that you know about this vision, you have an opportunity to believe with us.  That journey to see those souls reaped promises to be interesting, however, FMM has determined to do their part.  In light our of commitment, we set out to equip Messiah’s Body.  Thus, we have many courses, prayer meetings, future intercession trips, various teachings and the like.  When the Body of Messiah is strong it:

  • Learns & Does God’s Word: FMM understands that a knowledge of God’s Word helps believers to operate in faith. FMM”s courses are inductive Bible Studies which helps believers to learn “hands on”. This leads to a better retention and understanding of the Word of God.  This results in increased faith, and better equipped believers to follow their destiny in God.
  • Learns & Does Intercession: Intercession, as designed by God, moves heaven and affects earth. It is also an integral part of preparations for the harvest of souls. Thus, FMM teaches and does intercession! 
  • Takes the gospel message everywhere. An equipped believer with a true passion for souls, who follows the lead of the Holy Spirit, speaks the message of salvation everywhere they go, preaching the gospel in season and out of season, too! FMM’s courses are geared to preparing believers to have confidence in God, preach the gospel and to take it to the ends of the earth!

We are determined to do our part, and we invite you to take part, too!

  • Join us Prayerfully. Souls come into the Kingdom of God through the power of God and so, FMM spends countless hours in prayer and intercession for nations, especially for Israel, yet we know more intercessors are greatly needed, worldwide. Pray for lost souls and for those on the front lines who reach those souls for Messiah.  Prayers for this ministry to reach its goals is also appreciated.  (Those who prayerfully support this ministry to help us in our task of equipping the saints are considered an invaluable treasure.  Consider contacting FMM, tell us of your prayer support and let us show our gratitude by sowing something back into your life.)  Contact Us
  • Join us Financially. Your financial assistance, (whether through the purchase of our available materials or by way of a special donation), helps FMM continue moving towards its God-assigned goals. We can’t do it alone, but we can do it together!Donate

Remember, when it comes to winning lost souls, with God nothing is impossible!