Love Intercession


And he came to the disciples, and found them asleep, and said unto Peter, What, could you not watch with me one hour?”  Matthew 26:40

In a pole take back in 2013 it was noted that only 13% of the workforce loved their work.  Those who had such an attitude enjoyed their time at work and felt more fulfilled.  Others, who described their work as tedious, repetitive, and boring, found the days long and often unproductive.  To these, their job satisfied their monitory needs but left them lacking in the sense of fulfillment.

Intercession is not work, even though it often expends great energies.  It opens doors for God’s love, mercy and power to enter extreme circumstances and brings about positive change.  That change aligns all things with God’s will.  Due to the relationship with the Lord, in the task at hand, as well as the results, intercessors find fulfillment in the expression of their love for intercession.  Intercessors rejoice to see God honoured and humankind liberated.  It’s all part of the responsibility of an intercessor.  It is no trouble to “watch” or be vigilant to see a life align with God’s plans.

Let’s ensure we are awake and watching!

A Short Selection of Prayers