Since Revival is a subject very near and dear to the heart of this ministry, Forward March Ministries presents:

Foundations of Revival.

Revival is a topic which intrigues many believers.  Carefully, they explore the scriptures for a better understanding.  Some come away from their investigation with joy, expecting to experience the mighty power of God released to reap an end time harvest of souls. However, others come away disappointed, believing it will never happen in the days in which we live. 

Who is right?

In “Foundations of Revival”, you’ll discover the answer.  First, you’ll investigate the Hebraic scriptures to grasp what they teach.  You’ll study:

  • The Biblical need and purpose for Revival
  • The Call of God to believers to see Revival’s manifestation
  • The normal characteristics of Revival
  • The expected promises of Revival

Next, you’ll investigate the Apostolic scriptures to identify:

  • How Revival works after the cross
  • How New Testament believers should perceive Revival in these last days

Consider this book your invitation to build a solid, biblically based viewpoint on Revival, and its proper application for today.

Be Biblically sound in your concepts of Revival.  Know what to expect in your generation!


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There are several ways to study the topic of Revival with this ministry:

  1.  Take our study on Revival on your own:  Order the materials, register and receive access to the online audios
  2. Invite us to do a Weekend Seminar on The Foundations of Revival.  Contact the ministry for more details
  3. Participate in a Seminar or Presentation on Revival already scheduled.  For a list of scheduled places, please contact the ministry.