FMM’S Booklets:

FMM uploaded some booklets, which it has produced over the last few years.  We trust they will bless you as they have others, locally, who received them.

PLEASE NOTE: As long as you do not remove the copyright information, nor the name of “Forward March!” Ministries from the materials found on this website, you are free to print one copy of each prayer for your own use.  If you have a group of people meeting together, you may print up to 15 copies.  After that, you must contact us for written permission to print more.  Thank you for respecting these conditions.

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(Hint on printing:  Normally, these booklet prints out without a problem, however, some printers need to be adjusted in the properties section.  For example, on a Brother MFC7860DW, the settings needs to be set at ” portrait”, and the duplex setting to “flip on short edge bottom”.  If needed, adjust the properties of your printer in accordance with its requirements. )

“Hearing God”  (Notes for sermon by same name.)

Passover.  This booklet entitled, “Do This in Remembrance of Me” (from 1 Corinthians 11:24-25), is a pdf file ready for printing.   To obtain your copy, please  contact FMM to request the file.