F.M.M.’s motto is “walking the ancient paths of the Christian faith”. 

Many people ask, “What are those ancient paths”?   F.M.M.’s believes the ancient paths are clearly laid out within the Hebraic and Apostolic scriptures. Those ways, when understood, embraced and followed, establish believers in a walk before YeHoVaH (Our Father), in holiness and righteousness. In other words, our ways. which include our words as well as our actions, align, match and point to our Lord and Master.

The ancient paths are seen in the life of the prophets, within the Hebraic Scriptures. The ancient paths are further seen in the life of Yeshua and His Disciples. We discover the truth of those ancient paths by adhering to scriptural teachings. This means, our faith is stripped of all man-made ordinances, structures and practices that YeHoVaH did not command.

To help in understanding the ancient paths, there are 4 basic principles:

  • The Word of God (as it is written in the original transcripts, both Hebraic and Apostolic)

  • Prayer & Intercession (as led by the Holy Spirit and in line with scripture)

  • Salvation of Souls (as the focus and goal for outreach)

  • Yeshua’s 2nd Coming (as good stewards to give account of our behaviour to the Judge of All the Earth)

These 4 aspects form a good foundation, a place to begin. As such, FMM uses these principles, upon which to build the ministry. FMM’s courses and books reflect these principles, so we can help others to know the scriptures, grow in their faith, and hopefully, position the students of the Word to follow “the ancient paths of the Christian faith”, as did the early church.