logo-with-menorahThe effectiveness of prayer and intercession is beyond the measurement of human beings!  Believers must intercede in ways that sees God’s power manifest upon the earth.   FMM understands this and also knows that believers take time to grow in this aspect of their faith.  F.M.M.  therefore, has much material to help believers learn to develop intercession in their life.  Some materials are available in the form of Bible Studies, while others come as books of Prayers, written to spur on the intercessor.   On this page, you’ll find a few of FMM published prayers on various aspects of intercessory prayer.   We trust you will be blessed as you use these prayers.

PLEASE NOTE: As long as you do not remove the copyright information, nor the name of “Forward March!” Ministries from the materials found on this website, you are free to print out one copy of each prayer for your own use, and if you have a group of people meeting together for prayer, you may print up to 15 copies.  After that, you must contact us for written permission to print more.  Thank you for respecting these conditions.

Consider obtaining one or more of the books, from which these prayers originate.

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