Watch for Yeshua’s Second Coming

“Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man comes.”   Matthew 25:13

Some men and women, who are heads of their homes, due to their career choice, must travel to places far away from home.  Some are fortunate enough to have a routine time of leaving and returning home, while others have a diverse schedule, arriving and returning whenever possible.  The latter, more sporadic and uncertain, is an everyday fact with which their families learn to live.  No matter the scenario of absentee parents, wise families do their best, whenever possible during the absence of the family leader, to keep all things in order. That often means addressing issues as they arise, rather than waiting until the absent person returns. Thus, with the return of the family member, uncomfortable matters which necessitate correction are few and far between.  This makes family living more pleasant and enjoyable for all concerned.

One day, Yeshua, our presently absent Lord, will return.  No one knows for sure that day when He comes again, however, in Yeshua’s absence believers must be about Kingdom business. We must keep things in order, aligning things the best we can with His will.   Part of minding kingdom business is ensuring things are ready for His return, doing things as Yeshua commanded us.  Watching for His return keeps us alert, ready and waiting!

Let’s ensure we watch, ready to give an account of our doing!


(Look under “Y” for Yeshua, the Fulfillment of the Sabbath)