Part of Table as PassoverYeshua, Our Passover Lamb

In celebrating the Passover Meal, from an Hebraic Christian perspective, believers  see Yeshua in a marvelous way.  He is clearly depicted as the Lamb of God.  In addition,  throughout each step of the Passover meal, the message of Salvation is clearly seen.  What an awesome time to celebrate your faith with family and friends as you share the Passover in Light of Yeshua’s fulfillment, clearly showing Salvation’s plan.

Learn to Celebrate Passover:

If you have not yet celebrated a Passover Meal, from an Hebraic Christian perspective, let us encourage you to do so! FMM has prepared an Haggadah (A guide for Passover) which walks you through the entire Passover, beginning at the set up, long before your guests arrive and takes you right through every step of the meal until the very last verse of the Great Hallel! To celebrate the Passover Meal, in light of the New Testament, is to explore a rich and profound meaning of your faith.

Celebrate Passover!
It is not hard! You can hold your own celebration!

logo-with-menorahFMM celebrates Passover yearly, sometimes in the Chatham-Kent, Ontario region; sometimes outside the area.  Closer to the Passover date of each year, we post an invitation online.  If you wish to do your own Passover at a home, or a church, FMM will gladly help walk you through it.    Contact Us